We believe that big important companies are created in big important spaces and the toughest problems attract the most capable minds. Technology is a tool, but the real elegance of a technological solution comes from the way that it addresses a particular problem. As the matrix shows, in order to create value, we strive to be both contrarian and right. Conventional approaches are what the market expects, and therefore the value is already priced in, and if you’re not right well, you’re wrong.

One additional, unifying feature of every successful startup is the quality of the team. At DVL, we believe that founders should be able to hold their own against anyone in their domain, anywhere in the world. Team cohesion is critical, dominating even raw intellect. We make impactful efforts to have a psychologically safe space to let creativity and teambuilding flow.  

The hypotheses we validate must also include finding potential customers who will sustain the business. A great business model can rival a great technology in terms of innovation. 

After providing our innovators with the most advantageous tools, team, and space to build the contrarian and right seedlings of a company, we execute.