The Science of
Starting Companies


We believe that all start-ups begin as a collection of hypotheses

As co-founders, we work with entrepreneurs to systematically validate those hypotheses, ensuring nascent ideas turn into thriving startups. When a venture, or proto-startup, is prepared for spin out, founders working with Deep Valley Labs see higher rates of success because the core technical and business hypotheses have already been validated. More validation means fewer pivots and increases the likelihood of success.

Why Deep Valley Labs?

The Venture Capital model has solved many of the problems facing start-up innovation, but there is still a gap. Founders often spend the earliest stages of their company working in the margins of their life, perhaps nights and weekends, to develop the fastest fundable narrative, as opposed to validating the core hypotheses behind their company.  Once they find seed funding, the entrepreneurs get to work exploring their ideas in greater depth. These early ideas are yet-to-be validated hypotheses that represent opportunities for pivot if proven wrong.



Technology / Problem / Team / Business / Execution

We believe that big important companies are created in big important spaces and the toughest problems attract the most capable minds. Technology is a tool, but the real elegance of a technological solution comes from the way that it addresses a particular problem. As the matrix shows, in order to create value, we strive to be both contrarian and right. Conventional approaches are what the market expects, and therefore the value is already priced in, and if you’re not right well, you’re wrong.

Our Team

Validating hypotheses for impactful start-ups takes resources and a strong network. We are fortunate to count some of the world’s most mission-driven investors as our backers who share the same desire to make a difference in big problem spaces.

Careers & Inquiries

We are looking for spirited co-founders with a general enthusiasm for changing the way things are done in this world.  We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a safe space to build companies that can solve big problems.  We will leverage our network together, not only as investors but as co-founders.  Come see why we think this is the best job in the Valley!